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Know how & Organization

  • DESIGN and DISTRIBUTION of industrial flexible packaging
  • SPECIALISATION BY BUSINESS : food-processing industry, pharmacy, chemistry, mining extraction, agriculture, horticulture, materials distribution, environmental professions, etc. …
    • Exclusive partnership with manufacturers internationally recognized and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP)
    • Complimentarity in technical, logistic and rates terms
    • Global production capacity : 25-30 million pieces per year
    • The production processes are verticaly integrated : all the components are produced and controlled internally for a complete traceability.
    • Commercial presence and storage units in Europe, Africa, Asia and United States.
    • Collection of used packagings
    • Research and Development : Reduction of the volume of industrial packaging wastes, Adaptation of products to the evolution of the standards (especially for the hygiene, security and environment).

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