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Our products

Our offering will be in line with the requirements of your business, the nature of your product and your industrial and supply-chain constraints.

Adapted materials and dimensions, as well as gripping, filling and closure systems. Discover our big bag models and the numerous options they can be fitted with.

Our big bags can be covered with various films to ensure compatibility with a large number of products.

Click on the services which interest you, and find out what Baobag has to offer:

industrie Industry and Agriculture
We offer a range of flexible containers with one, two or four lifting loops, capable of holding a payload of between 500 and 3000kg. Produced to order, our products are suitable for transporting hazardous materials.
distribution des materiaux Materials distribution
A range for transporting and storing aggregates, designed for use in quarries and the materials distribution sector. Baobag also provides bagging and discharging equipment.
Environnement et collecte des dechets Environment and waste collection
Our ‘Environment and waste collection’ range is designed for the storage and transportation of all sorts of waste: harmless (mud, site waste, recyclable materials etc.) or hazardous (asbestos, household waste incineration residues, very low-activity radioactive waste etc.).
jardinage, horticulture espace vert Gardening, horticulture and landscaping
Our Gardening, horticulture and landscaping range includes packaging for fruits and vegetables, specialist fabric for horticultural use and various protective nets and tarpaulins for covering equipment.
ingenierie Bagging and handling equipment
As the designated supplier of Goodtech products to French-speaking markets, BAOBAG offers a range of single lifting-loop bags for the agricultural sector.