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Recommendation of use

Recommendation of useCarefully read the indications given on the label of the big bag.

Make sure that the filled big bag is stable.

Use lifting tools adapted to the weight of the filled big bag.

Adjust the distance between the forks of the lift truck and give them the suitable upward tilt.

Make sure that the bearing sections of crane hooks, lift truck booms or forks used for lifting are of a suitable dimension, with angles rounded to a radius at least equal to the thickness of the sling, of the strap or of the suspension cord, and never less than 5 mm.

Protect the big bags from rain and solar radiation.

Make sure that the big bags are properly held during transport.

Big bags must be stored on smooth and flat floor.

Never fill a big bag beyond its authorized rated load.

Never stop or suddenly start during transports of big bags; do not lift it violently or do not suddenly stop its downward motion; never drag a big bag on the ground.

Prohibit the presence of personnel under a suspended big bag. Never clear the boom or the forks of a lift truck from the gripping members of a big bag before having entirely released them from their load.

Never use sharpened forks or hooks for gripping with straps.

Do not stack big bags without guaranteeing their stability.

Never reuse a disposable big bag.

Never repair any reusable big bag without any guarantee of maintaining or reestablishing the initial performances in compliance with the manufacturing standards.