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Big Bags

Our Big bags are tested and certified by the major European laboratories. Our flexible containers are custom manufactured in order to meet the specific requirements of each application.

All our models come in numerous versions:

  • simple, crossed or slung lifting straps,
  • filling and discharging systems, remote opening,
  • integrated coloured preformed liner: many materials available,
  • laminated or otherwise, ventilated, conductive, various colours,
  • anti-screen stitching,
  • production in clean or dust-free rooms,
  • customised marking.

Standard range Les Standards

  • Standard big bag:
    • 4 straps in the stitching,
    • Working load up to 3000 kg,
    • Suitable for all transport methods: truck, rail, ship container or conventional load on barges or boats,
    • Disposable, reusable or UN approved models,
    • Printing on up to 4 sides.

  • Cubic big bag: BB CUBIQUE BB CUBIQUE
    • Honeycomb strengthener panels at each corner, full fabric or divider netting,
    • Working load up to 2000 kg,
    • Cubic shape maintained,
    • Ideal for unstable or low-density products,
    • Internal covering possible,
    • Up to 30 % gain in volume compared to traditional containers,
    • Increased stability during transport and storage,
    • Adapted to automated warehouses,
    • Printing on up to 4 sides,
    • Disposable, reusable or UN approved models.

  • Big bag with 1 or 2 lifting loops: BB 1 or 2 lifting loops BB 1 ou 2 points de levage
    • Working load up to 1500 kg,
    • Non reusable.
    • Handling with 1 or 2 lifting loops,
    • Numerous fabric colours,
    • Free, hanging or glued liner in polyethylene; single, with gussets or with filling and discharge spout,
    • Possible to print of 4 sides.

  • Conductive big bag, either connectable or dissipative: connectable © BB or dissipative (D) BB BB conductible connectable (C) ou dissipatif (D)
    • Working load up to 2000 kg,
    • Disposable, reusable or UN approved models,
    • Evacuates the electrostatic charges generated by movement during filling, discharging or loading operations,
    • Type C: Must only be used connected to the earth in order to evacuate static electricity,
    • Type D: Its dissipative fabric evacuates static electricity without an earth connection. Staff must be equipped accordingly.
    • UN accreditation for the transport of hazardous goods,

  • Big bag in circular fabric: BB TOILE CIRCULAIRE BB TOILE CIRCULAIRE
    • Working load up to 1500 kg,
    • Disposable, reusable or UN approved models,
    • No vertical stitching,
    • Excellent for packing very fine and powdery products,
    • The version with semi-rigid straps allows truck lift operators to pick bags easily from the storage area,
    • Printing on up to 4 sides.

  • Big bag tunnel: BB tunnel BB tunnel
    • Working load up to 2000 kg,
    • Disposable, reusable or UN approved models,
    • Handling facilitated thanks to the lifting tunnel formed by the big bag fabric and strengthened at each end by a strap,
    • Printing on up to 4 sides.

  • Big bag for hazardous goods: BB for hazardous goods BB pour produits dangereux
    • Working load up to 1500 kg,
    • Disposable or reusable,
    • Designed in accordance with the ""United Nations Recommendations on the transport of hazardous goods"" (UN approval),
    • Approved for road transport (ADR), rail (RID) and sea (IMDG-Code),
    • Printing on up to 4 sides.

Special models

Les spéciaux - BB Filtrant

  • Ventilated big bag for fruit and vegetables,
  • Big bag for the transport of meat products,
  • Temperature-resistant big bag (up to 180 °C)
  • Big bag for helihoisting,

Clean room

La salle blanche Our big bags are fitted with an identification label tracking the manufacturing stages, thus ensuring perfect traceability.

Production in a clean room, class 100 000 or 10 000, for packaging compliant with the EEC 95/35, NF/EN/ISO 21898 and HACCP standards. Our big bags are produced and packed in a controlled atmosphere.

Containers certified by European laboratories: EC 1935/2004 regulation of 27/10/04 and EC 1835/2005 of 18/11/05, European directive 02/72/EC of 06/08/02 (amended European directives 04/1/EC, 04/19/EC of 10/03/04, 05/79/EC of 18/11/05), 82/711/EC of 20/02/02.

Inner liners

Les habillages internes Our big bags can be covered with an inner liner. Our liners can be extruded in clean rooms of various classes.

Materials: polyethylene, polypropylene, co-extruded, or special materials (aluminium, polyamide, polyester, etc.).

Conductive or anti-static version,
Cubic bag with inner construction,
Preformed bag with filling and discharge spout,
Free, stitched or glued insertion,
Degassing valve.

Reuse and recycling of used big bags

La réutilisation et les Big Bag usagés Thanks to a unique patented process, CYCLIS, the sister company of BAOBAG, collects, sorts and cleans the products and certifies reuse. At the end of the big bag’s life, CYCLIS recycles its material. The polypropylene and polyethylene are used to manufacture various products (stakes for farming, markers for construction, vehicle bumpers etc). In accordance with the regulations, BAOBAG handles the full cycle of the containers it markets.