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The site www.baobag.eu is edited by Baobag.

SAS with share capital of 200,000 EUR.

Headquarters : 7, rue Pierre MENDES-FRANCE, Immeuble CAP24 - batiment A, 33270 FLOIRAC - FRANCE Tél. : +33(0)5 57 77 84 84

RCS : Bordeaux 301 523 791

Company CEO : Fabrice SAFFRE.

The purpose of this site is to disseminate and promote the offering of Baobag in its business sector.

All the texts, logos, images and illustrations on this site are owned by BAOBAG and/or its partners and are protected by copyright law. Unless otherwise indicated in writing, any reproduction or any kind whatsoever and by any means whatsoever is prohibited.

The site www.baobag.eu has a commercial or contractual function. All transactions engaged by means of consultation of this site only involve the procedure usually implemented by Baobag to perform its services.

This site has been declared to the French National Information Technology and Freedom Commission, under the number (un progress).

This site does not collect private information without informing you. When you use online forms, the information that concerns you is destined for the exclusive use of Baobag, which undertakes not to circulate this information to third parties. As specified in the declaration 1630222 to the CNIL, this information is deleted from our files one year after the end of its use.

If you wish to receive information from the site, you will be included on one of our mailing lists which may be used by the site administrators to send a C11 to visitors of the site www.baobag.eu, clients or prospects of Baobag. It is possible to request not to receive this newsletter by sending a massage via our contact form, specifying “newsletter refusal” in the subject line.

If you receive an email or information from us without having asked for it, this may have been sent without our knowledge by a visitor to our site. If this is the case, we apologise and assure you that we do not send this sort of message without knowing the recipients s. please inform us of such cases so that we may take the necessary measures.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 34 of the French ""Computer Technology and Freedom"" law, you have the right to access, amend, rectify and delete the data that concerns you. To exercise this right, please write to BAOBAG SAS, 7, rue Pierre MENDES-FRANCE, Immeuble CAP24 - batiment A, 33270 FLOIRAC - FRANCE, or send an email via our contact form.

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