Environment and waste collection

Site Waste

We offer a range of bagging solutions to facilitate handling of bulky products or waste.

From basic site waste to asbestos, we’ve got something for all your baggng needs.

Depending on the volume and nature of the waste, choose an appropriate packaging solution from our range of site waste options.

Envirobag for asbestos-tainted powdered waste and protective equipment

Milieu bag The ENVIROBAG allows for safe packaging of protective gear tainted by asbestos and powdered asbestos waste.

  • Volume 1 m3 (other volumes available on demand),
  • Maximum payload: 1000 kg (500 kg on demand),
  • Polyethylene lining,
  • 13H3certification for transportation of dangerous materials - 1000kg,
  • Regulatory information in several languages.

Bodybin for firmly-bound asbestos

Bodybenne amiante liée The BODYBIN is a lining to protect large containers of 15 to 20m3. Waste tainted by concrete containing asbestos can thus be directly packed in its loose state.

  • Dimensions: 6200 or 5000 x 2400 x 1150 mm,
  • Polyethylene lining,
  • Single use.

Storage bag for firmly-bound asbestos

Dépôt Bag amiante liée The Storage Bag is a solution for storing and transporting panels of asbestos cement, pipes, cladding, asbestos cement casing, flagstone and firmly-bound asbestos on building sites. Available in 3 different sizes.

  • Maximum payload: 1000 kg,
  • Factor of safety: 5/1,
  • Dimensions: 1600 X 1100 X 500 mm, 2600 X 1200 X 300 mm, 3100 X 1100 X 300 mm,
  • Single use.

Polyethylene asbestos bag

Sac polyéthylène amiante Dust-tight polyethylene bag, suitable for removal of light waste.

  • Low density polyethylene: 80 µm,
  • Printed,
  • Certified 5H4 for transportation of hazardous materials.

Neutral waste Big Bag

Big Bag déchets neutres This Big Bag permits easy handling. Keeps your sites clean, and leaves no debris in public spaces.

This big bag features an internal pocket and a top-closing system. It can hold all types of waste, except hazardous materials.

Big Bag with Filter

The vented canvas of this big bag is specifically designed to help filter slurry and recover waste water. The lining is between 150µm and 400 µm thick, allowing for different degrees of filtration for different products.

  • Maximum payload: 1500 kg,
  • Factor of sefety : 5/1 (usage unique),
  • Full top opening with flat bottom,
  • Varying degrees of filtration,
  • Available with or without trolley carrying settling tank.


Minibag The MINIBAG is perfectly suited to all home improvement and gardening uses, as well as waste sorting. Full opening for easy filling, and with a tipping handle for easy emptying.

  • 50 x 50 x 50 cm.
  • Full opening.

Polypropylene bag

Sac polypropylène Highly resistant polypropylene canvas bags, for all small-volume site waste.

Dimensions 600 x 1000 mm, 500 x 800 mm, 700 x 1300 mm etc.

Polyethylene bag

sac Polyéthylène Dust-tight polyethylene bag for easy removal of light wastes.