Bagging and handling equipment


Goodtech Packaging Systems AS provides comprehensive logistics solutions: from first transportation of raw materials to temporary storage units, or directly to filling stations, manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically, including integrated handling, labelling and traceability of packaged materials from arrival at the warehouse through to dispatch to the end user.

For numerous reasons, Coding, Marking and Labelling are becoming ever more vital in the value chain of materials handling.

As an example we might cite the growing importance accorded by national and regional authorities to the legislation dealing with foodstuffs and nutrition. The systematic adoption of the CML system provides a major boost in this environment:

  • declaration of merchandise
  • identification of producers
  • brand image and shipping information for clients
  • shop management
  • also a vital method for ensuring effective monitoring and traceability of products from manufacture through to final use.

CML is a key IT resource founded upon fully integrated design, functionality, equipment and software for ensuring that valuable information is produced and made easily accessible to both the supplier and the client. By combining CML equipment and related software programmes with various types of scanners and terminals, substantial and quantifiable improvements can be made to the efficiency of warehouse management.

Thanks to our depth of experience with inkjet printers and GRVS labelling systems, we are able to offer integrated solutions for all units, as part of an overall investment in the handling system or an investment focusing solely on CML. The products and programmes in the Portabulk® CML range are fully integrated with the Portabulk® IT system.